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About Us:

RadiobillyFM / Wreckhouse Radio – Barry Monster

Barry Monster is the H.N.I.C.

The Head Numbskull In Charge, and obviously not the wittiest one. Barry started this site in January of 2006 as Psychobilly Deluxe and with the help of people past and present has transformed it into what you see now, The Subculture Collective.

Barry Monster also hosts Wreckhouse Radio, formerly Hellbilly Wreckhouse Radio, which was formerly Hellbilly Wreckhouse, and before that was Psychobilly Deluxe. As you can see Barry Monster likes to switch things up a bit. Barry Monster also apparently likes to talk in the third person.

contact info;

Email: psychobillydeluxe@gmail.com
Web: here, duh
MySpace: www.myspace.com/wreckhouseradio
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wreckhouse-Radio/211860872925
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wreckhouseradio
Voicemail: 775-369-6091 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              775-369-6091      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Skype: Barry.Monster

Any site questions or comments direct them to me…err Barry Monster I mean

The Gospel According to the Barstool Preacher – Todd Bugs

Todd Bugs is a red nosed young drunk of thirty that would have bored me ordinarily…
Lead singer/songwriter for the band Luck of the Draw, also a guitarist for the band Whiskey Glass Eye as well as a lap steel, banjo, jaw harp, backing vocalist… etc for many other bands and on many records making an ass of himself on stage and recordings for many years gone by as well as many years to come I’m sure…

contact info
Email: barstoolpreacher@yahoo.com
web: www.lotd.com
Voice mail: 530-618-BUGS

Billy,Billy,Billy – Jay Jarvis Spurwinkle

With great powers comes great responsibility, Jay Jarvis Spurwinkle was born with a super keen sense of the obvious & he’s not scared to use his
powers to make Billy, Billy, Billy one of the top 100 shows of the Subculture Cultivate roster.Spinning any & all types of roots music with his own
spin on the DJ racket. Another fine asset to the show is Utter Trash Movie reviews with Bob Ingizio.who brings you a insight to worst movies that you must see!
J.J.S. likes to spends his free time working on his shitbox Ford. & Rockin’ out to cool bands
You can email J.J.S. at jjs138@yahoo.com
or send a care package to

Billy, Billy, Billy
ATTN Jay Jarvis Spurwinkle
550 Homeworth Ave.
Painesville Oh. 44077

Lonestar Texabilly Radio – Downtown Wes Brown

Punk kid turned Billy…I’ve been a part of subculture for over 20 years and I’m here to stay. I love good friends, whiskey, women, live music and just good times in general. I am a strapping young man at the age of 36, living and breathing in Houston Texas . My show features a mixture of Psychobilly, Rockabilly & Neo-Rockabilly but beware, I like some Punk, Oi, Reggae and Ska too….and I just might play some….what the hell, its my show right? I love meeting new people and hearing new aspiring up and coming bands; if you would like me to play your band please email!

Contact info

PO Box 31174
Houston TX 77231

E Mail: lonestartexabilly@gmail.com

Skype: wesdacat



The Psychobilly Garden Party – Nate The Psychobilly Gardener

Nate runs the Psychobilly Garden Party. The party is a psychobilly and punk and radio show, created in the style of a black cabaret. It combines the music with B-movie monster comedy, talking animals, time travel, 50s-style sci-fi and just about anything sick, funny & weird that Nate’s imagination can dream up. The music is the harder edge of Psychobilly with a heavy, punk feel. The punk takes from all the subgenres whether Oi!, classic UK, US Hardcore, but focuses on the energy of the music. Any interviews with bands are based around the idea of a desert island where bands have to explain the 10 albums they would like to be shipwrecked with. The idea is to create a place that regular listeners will come to feel is home. If you want something different then we’ll see you down at the bottom of the garden.

Contact info:


Slys’ Reviews and Interviews – Sly

Tall, dark, handsome….lol. I dunno. Age: 26
Promoter ( Starting shows again in March)Teaming up with Ritchie Dead (Casketeers) to form Psycho a go go Records and publishing, putting out a compilation hopefully by this summer. I live and conduct business in San Antonio Tx. Skyler is my pride and joy and he will be 7 in March.

Should that about cover it? Oh yeah, I still do the pressure washing but need a real job….

Email: subculturesly@gmail.com

Steal our banners and post them all over town…or the interweb…same thing

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<a href=”http://psychobillydeluxe.com/category/podcast/lonestar-texabilly/”><img src=”http://www.psychobillydeluxe.com/psychoimages/texabillybanner.jpg”></a>

<a href=”http://psychobillydeluxe.com/category/podcast/billy/”><img src=”http://www.psychobillydeluxe.com/psychoimages/billybanner.jpg”></a>

More to come!

Use the form below to contact us !

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