Psychobilly Garden Party 155

Psychobilly Garden Party 155

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Psychobilly Garden Party #155

The Meta-Badger, The Transvestite and the cupboard – part#2

New episode here on!
It is part two of our epic bedtime radio drama and Nate and Sherlock Foxxx have now ended up in the cupboard and fallen into Banarnia.

Great music from The Ricochets, The Marksmen, songs from the Meantraitors tribute album and many more.

Come on – this is what weekends were made for!

Songs on PGP #155

1. The Stockmen – Rocker by law
2. Mad Sin – 9 Lives
3. The Marksmen – Mean Motherfucker
4. Stronzo Gelantino and The Boo-Men – Pony
5. Keith Courvale – Trapped Love
6. The Ricochets – Little Sister
7. Calamitiez – Buried
8. Banane Metalik – Le Cirque Des Horreurs
9. Evil Jokers – Crush of the creepers
10. The Ricochets – Devils Highway
11. The Marksmen – Storybook Situation
12. Mad Sin – Delirium
13. Stronzo Gelantino and The Boo-Men – Roger Loyale
14. The Playboys – Jungle Fever
15. Calamitiez – Men Like Jim
16. Banane Metalik – Plan 69 From Outer Space
17. Chainsaw Charlie’s – Crush of the creepers
18. The Ricochets – Psycho
19. The Marksmen – Psycho Cyclone Jack
20. Calamitiez – Under Your Bed
21. Stronzo Gelantino and The Boo-Men – Disco Cancer
22. Mickey Hawks – Bip Bop Boom
23. Mad Sin – Take a Ride
24. Banane Metalik – Viva Gore ‘n’ Roll
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  1. Moist Vomit de La Due, en Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg says:

    I plan to walk around tomorrow morning in Washington Square park and scream ‘Stronzo Gelantino’ at the top of my lung

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