Thoughts From Behind The Chair – Calabrese “Dayglo Necros”

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“Dayglo Necros”
July 2012

Rating: ★★★½☆

calabrese dayglo necros



During my wanderings on the interweb box today, I noticed that Calabrese is back in the studio working on a new album.  When I mentioned this to a friend, his response was, “who?” So after polling several other people, I was shocked that more people did not know Calabrese. So…in response to this eye opening moment, here is a review of their last album, which is a year old in a couple of weeks, “Dayglo Necros”.

Calabrese is a Horror Punk trio out of sunny Arizona. On guitar and vox you have Bobby Calabrese; Jimmy Calabrese is on bass and back up vox; and Davey Calabrese is in the back beating the drums like they were a hungry zombie eyeing his brain bucket. “Dayglo Necros” is the fourth release from these guys and comes in with a lucky number of thirteen tracks of pure Horror Punk.
“The Dead Don’t Rise” is the opening track and sets the mood for the rest of the album. Starting out with some spooky organ music that sounds like it should belong in an Ed Wood movie, is soon replaced by Jimmy and Davey’s driving rhythm section doing about 120mph in a school zone. This pace is ever present throughout the rest of the tracks. Throw into this mix Bobby’s clean guitar and cutting horror vocals and you have the Calabrese sound.
“Heart Possession” is quite possibly my favorite song on this album. It has a much heavier and darker feeling than most of the rest of the album. Jimmy starts it all off with a distorted and dirty bass line. Soon the rest of the crew comes crashing in and away we go on a trip through the metamorphosis of a man into a vampire. Tied for the title of heaviest track would have to be “Hungry Are The Dogs”. Everything is heavy, fast, and distorted to some degree. Everything that is except for Bobby’s vocals that cut through like a flashlight in a dark cemetery.
“Dayglo Necros” has it all – horror vocals, that heavy and fast but stripped down punk sound and enough hooks to keep you coming back for more. When the new album is out I will be the first one to take down the garlic around the door and invite them in, but until then I have Dayglo Necros.


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  1. Mark says:

    It is definitely in everyones best interest to check out Calabrese! If you get a chance to catch them live dont miss it, they really pump out a high energy set and they are incredibly cordial with the fans.

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