Psychobilly Garden Party 118

Psychobilly Garden Party 118

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Psychobilly Garden Party #118

Teabag & Sherlocks Adventures 5

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Songs on PGP #118

Hey kats & kittens! It’s the weekend and that means this week’s PGP arrives – popping into your iPode, smartypants telephone or streaming in from RadiobillyFM or Radio Rock CafĂ©’s airwaves. There are just so many ways of getting it, that you better. Get it.Or something.
This week we address some gossip about the shows of RadiobillyFM, spin some new tunes from Psychobilly Halloween, CWBillys, Dirty Danzig and The Obscuritones. We venture out into time & space to find out what is happening with Sherlock Foxxx & Teabag. It’s all here. So make sure you are too!

Music on this week’s show

0. Spinal Tap & The Thamesmen – Gimme Some Money
1. Banane Metalik – Murder Party
2. Coffin Nails – Let’s Wreck
3. The Obscuritones – Vapour Club Boogie
4. PsychoBilly Halloween – Die Alone
5. CWBillys – Suicidio
6. Guana Batz – You Can Run
7. Dirty Danzig – Voodoo Death
8. Frantic Flintstones – Monte Carlo Or Bust
9. PsychoBilly Halloween – Eraserheadz
10. The Obscuritones – Genocide Blues
11. CWBillys – Caipira Muito Louco
12. Banane Metalik – Chair Et Tendre
13. Frantic Flintstones – Red Chevy
14. Dirty Danzig – House On The Hill
15. Coffin Nails – Hard As Nails
16. Guana Batz – baby blue eyes
17. Guana Batz – Lady Bacon
18. Cwbillys – Zumbilly
19. Coffin Nails – Penetration
20. PsychoBilly Halloween – Empty Coffin Box
21. Banane Metalik – Le Cirque Des Horreurs
22. Dirty Danzig – Vampire
23. Frantic Flintstones – Please Cool Baby
24. The Brains – I’m Your Nightmare

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