Rock Around With lOllie Vee 13

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The Coffin Nails – Let’s Wreck
The Voronas – I Love My Monsters
Gutter Demons – House By The Cemetery
Sawyer Family – My Collection
Koffin Kats – Chainsaw Massacre
Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures – Transylvania Terror Train
The Creeping Cruds – Get Up and Kill
The Young Werewolves – Wrong Turn
Mad Sin – Cannibal Superstar
Monster Club – Gore Star
Rezurex – Psycho Radio
Sir Pskyo & His Monsters – Mutant Krew
Sick Sick Sinners – Cold Blood Killer
Cult Of the Psychic Fetus – The Hunting Hour
Coffin Draggers – Welcome To My Garden
Zombie Ghost Train – Monster Rock N’ Roll
Alphabet Bombers – Jekll’n’Hyde
Screaming Lord Sutch – Til The Following Night
Casketeers – Wreck N Roll
The Brains – Evil Never Dies
Vanian & the Phantom Chords – Voodoo Doll
Hotrod Frankie – Dr. Frankenstein My Dear Father
Hillbilly Hellcats – Dead Man’s Party
The Formaldahydes – Lady Death
Elvis Hitler – Live Fast, Die Young
Godless Wicked Creeps – She’s Wicked

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  1. DWB says:

    Another fabulous show, sis…Please keep it up and don’t go anywhere…We love you!

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