Psychobilly Garden Party 60

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Psychobilly Garden Party #60

Revenge of The Leather Warrior Women from The Planet Venus 3 (kind of): There’s a rat in the kitchen

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There’s a rat in the kitchen, what I’m a gonna do? Well you’ll have to wait
and see as Nate is stuck in a U-bend in space and time and we shoot back
to the Garden Of Delights ™ (c) (r) to find out a unique infestation
problem that has appeared in the Garden. It’s a unique, aromatic blend
of psychobilly, garage and rock ‘n roll this week to keep Nate sane stuck
in the tardis. Oh! And Dr. Stephen Hawking was a real let-down.

Songs on PGP #60

John Otway – Headbutts
Out Of Luck – Rockabilly Rocker
Sir Bald Diddly And His Wig-Out – You Do My Head In
Hellbillys – devils dildo
Small Town Pimps – U Want Me Now
The Livends – She Bites
V8 Wankers – Detroit Steel
the untamed – bad day in bodega bay
Lunatics – Kalte Wut
Out Of Luck – ’49 Plymouth
The baboons – bungalow
The baboons – poultry
The Spitts – That’s My Girl
Hellbillys – demons
Sir Bald Diddly And His Wig-Out – Overplayed Your Hand
The untamed – the devil and the wine
The Wreck Kings – Sick Girl
69-Hard – Gone, Gone, Gone
Creeping Demons – Hospital Zombie Walk
Small Town Pimps – Sick And Twisted
Out Of Luck – Johnny Ultracool
Hellstomper – Hillbilly Motherfucker
The Livends – House Where Evil Lives
The baboons – run baby run
The Untamed – living dead
The Shadows – Wonderful Land

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