Hellbilly Wreckhouse Chapter 32 – A Pat on the Head

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There STILL is a WAR against mainstream music. . .It starts here. . .It starts NOW.

Welcome to the new times. You are officially part of the new Hellbilly Mobocracy.



Hello and welcome.

This week’s show features skiffle, acoustic blues, rockabilly, your mom’s vagina and much more.

Yes, I said skiffle. Trust me you’ll like it.

Plus Bibb shares an embarrassing story that happened to him last Friday at the Shack Shakers show. Yikes.

All this coming to you with a new and hopefully better sounding microphone and for the first (and prolly last) time in STEREO.

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The bands featured this week that will totally kill your eardrums and make you tap your toes are:

Sheer Terror – Rock Bottom on the Kitchen Floor

Zak and his Unhappy Guitar – Maggie Campbell / Jack of Diamonds

Old Line Skiffle Combo – Jack of Diamonds / Rock Me Daddy -O

The Slack Jawed Yokels – Tennessee

Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre – Quittin’ Time

Barely Legal – Whiteline Fever

The Dirty Farmers – Beaver Song

If you like any of the music heard here, support the band! Plus tell them you heard them here. I have noticed quite a few of you have taken to doing this and I sincerely thank you ! It means a helluva lot to the bands and myself.

If you want your band played (we are always looking for new bands !), or if there is a band you want heard write to me at: psychobillydeluxe at gmail.com or you can leave a voicemail at 775-369-6091

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Thanks for listening and spreading the word. See you next week!


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